Scaling New Heights in a Safe Manner


Many of us have childhood memories of the intoxicating feeling of being up high on a bridge looking below or other situation where we were looking way, way down and holding on tight…

Inspiring Leadership of a Different Kind


We hear stories of bullying, or we may have experienced it ourselves. So often those who’ve suffered at the hands of others talk…

Let’s Talk. But first Let’s Listen.


This week it would have been difficult to not hear or see promotion of Bell’s ‘Let’s Talk’ initiative…

Listen First. Listen Closely
A best-selling therapist shares insight every parent of a young worker should
Dealing with Hazards
Beyond the Course of Play
Start your Conversation!
Download 3 Homemade Workplace Safety topics today!



The CAFC is pleased to host Public Safety Canada for our first webinar of the year, the Memorial Grant Program. The webinar will be hosted on February 27th at 11:30. This webinar is available to both members and non members. Register today

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It’s 5:24 pm. Do you know if your kid is safe at work?