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Marijuana: A Growing Workplace Hazard for Young Workers

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Sage Advice

An industry leading landscape expert offers sage advice about what parents need to make sure their kids understand about working safely.


Learning the Hard Way

A WSPS consultant recalls a workplace experience when he was a young man; one that did not need to occur had he the support and guidance of the adults in his life.


Listen First. Listen Closely

Jennifer Kolari, therapist and best-selling author explains key information regarding why young adults approach work the way they do and how parents can position themselves to be effective influencers of behavior.


Dealing with Hazards Beyond the Course of Play

A golf course clubhouse manager discusses both physical and psychosocial hazards, including sexual harassment, and what parents need to be learning about their children’s workplaces.


Time Savers with Dangerous Consequences

The president of a Canadian manufacturing/importing company on what parents need to know about why their young worker children approach work the way they do.



NOW available: Ministry of Labour 2017-18 Annual Report Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario--includes activities, system partners, top hazards, resources:

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the producers we get to work with get a safety talk each month! always a different topic - but an extra one on eye protection doesnt hurt! 🤓 #ppe #growingsafefarms

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