Walking the Talk


Do as I say, not as I do. It’s one of those sayings that regularly haunts us. Parents and other adult influencers of young people are constantly getting busted for ‘not practicing what they preach.’…

Staying Connected with Work and Not Devices


The most connected generation ever has entered the workplace. And most parents and other adult influencers of young people would agree that at times they are a little too connected…

Young Female Workers and Psychosocial Hazards


TWhile young worker injuries and fatalities skew greatly towards young males and much is said about their lack of risk aversion, females in the same young worker age category are far from immune to workplace hazards…

Listen First. Listen Closely
A best-selling therapist shares insight every parent of a young worker should
Dealing with Hazards
Beyond the Course of Play
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A heat warning has been issued for Friday. Please keep yourself and workmates safe. Here is an excellent resource from @IHSAnews on prevention and identification methods #constructionsafety https://t.co/g9YJfpRcE7

Sound the alarm: It’s time to fight for Ontario’s volunteer firefighters https://t.co/TRZvX3omWX via @globeandmail #mentalhealth #ptsd #firstrespondersfirst

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It’s 11:00 am. Do you know if your kid is safe at work?