Checking in with Your Young Worker

They’ve been at their summer job for quite a while. When was the last time you discussed their day to day from a health and safety perspective?

Hopefully, when your young worker child started their job, you got a sense of health and safety attitudes and practices at their workplace. You asked all the right questions about the equipment they worked with, the different people with whom they interacted, personal protective equipment and other safety related topics.

The fact is, in the course of the past 2-3 months, things may have changed. They may have a new supervisor who has been difficult to work with. Or changes in their job responsibilities see them working with equipment on which they haven’t been properly trained.

There is a solution: check in with them. Have a conversation similar to the one you had at the beginning of the summer about their workplace safety. And this time, specifically ask if anything has changed; about new co-workers, equipment, job responsibilities and anything else you believe might be relevant to the conversation.

Remember: your kid’s work environment is just like anyone else’s. Things change. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. By asking the right questions and listening closely, you can be an important support mechanism in helping them navigate through their challenges.

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