Seeing Eye to Eye on Protecting your Sight

You wave goodbye to your kid as they leave for work, pleased that they’re wearing safety boots. What about their eyes?
When we think of workplace injuries we tend to imagine yellow caution tape around broken equipment or falls from heights, but one of the major causes of injury is far less noticeable.

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind reports that over 700 Canadian workers sustain eye injuries in their workplaces each day.

Many of these injuries are preventable through the simple use of properly fitted safety eyewear. And there really isn’t any excuse to not wear safety glasses. Unlike other personal protective equipment which can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to purchase, CSA approved safety glasses can be bought for under five dollars!

While we’d like to think that someone in your kid’s workplace is keeping a close eye on their safety, this is not possible all of the time. There are a few things that you can do.

Ask them about the different tasks they are responsible for as well as their work environment. This will start to give you an idea of when and where they might need to wear safety glasses.

If they do wear safety glasses, ask them about their condition. Are they old and scratched? If the lenses are scratched or scuffed they can trigger eye strain and even cause inferior vision.

Do they fit comfortably? If not, they may not wear them as much as they should or they could slip off just when they’re needed most.

Do they take the time to clean them? Very often eye protection is dirty because of dust, other airborne particles, mists or liquids. This can cause the seeing clearly to become difficult. Not only is this unsafe because they may miss seeing a hazard, but dirty glasses can cause eye strain and related problems.

Many workplaces have eyewash stations specifically installed in the event of an eye injury. Ask your working kid if their workplace has one and also if they know how to use it.

Check in with your working kid on their eye safety. You’ll be helping them see their way to a brighter future.

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