It’s Time to Check In

It’s Time to Check In

We tend to relate to the concept of ‘checking in’ in the context of air travel. It makes a lot of sense to check in, well in advance so we have less stress later on. The same thing applies to enabling our young worker children to have positive job experiences. And to do so regularly.

The Bring Safety Home philosophy very much involves getting the best possible idea of what your working kid deals with each day by asking the right questions. But it’s not a one-time thing.

It’s crucial to get a sense of what they are dealing with when they start their jobs to make sure their work environments are safe, their employers prioritize health and safety and that they are properly trained. That said, things can change.

A new piece of equipment may be introduced in to their work environment. They may have a new supervisor, or one of countless other changes that may occur at their workplace.

On a regular basis, we need to check in and follow up with the right questions. If there is a new piece of equipment, have they been adequately trained on it? Have they been given the proper protective equipment to operate it safely? If they have a new supervisor, how are they to deal with?

As adults many of us have experienced a shift in our workplace dynamics because of a new boss or other change in our day to day that has resulted in additional stress. Hopefully, with time we’ve learned to deal with potentially challenging changes productively. We can’t expect our inexperienced young workers to be able to navigate these situations just as easily.

So check in, and check in often. You may not know if there have been any changes and sometimes the only way you’ll find out is by asking the right questions.

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