Below is a list of resources that will further serve to get you up to speed on what your child may be facing each day.


Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to have informed conversations and be in a position to steer conversations into areas that they will see are directly relevant.


Also included in this section are resources that will help you communicate better with your child. You may even find that these techniques will have a residual effect on other areas of communication including school work, inter family dynamics and even conversations about controlled substances.

Workplace Rights


A good knowledge of your children’s workplace rights will give you an informed perspective on an area that is essential to their safety.  Too many injuries and even deaths occur because young people are either unaware or are afraid of exercising their rights under the law.


The Ontario Ministry of Labour has a comprehensive  section on workplace rights on its website:

Common Hazards that Cause Injury to Young Workers


Year after year, young workers tend to hurt themselves repeating the same mistakes.  Having a sense of what these hazards are will better equip you for conversations with your children. The below websites go into detail in this area:



Health & Safety Ontario


Health & Safety Ontario comprises four health and safety associations working together to get Ontario’s workers home safely and achieve our goal of zero work-related injuries, illness and fatalities. It is more than likely that your children are employed in a sector that is covered by one of the below organizations:

Infrastructure Health & Safety Association  (IHSA)

Serves: construction, electrical and utilities, aggregates, natural gas, ready-mix concrete and transportation.



Public Service Health & Safety Association (PSHSA)

Serves: hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, residential and community care, universities and colleges, school boards, libraries and museums, municipalities, provincial government and agencies, police, fire and paramedics and First Nations.


Workplace Safety North (WSN)

Serves: Serves (province wide): forestry, mining, smelters, refineries, paper, printing and converting.


Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)

Serves: agriculture, manufacturing, and service sectors.



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