Safety Glasses

Help Santa Get it Right!

As much as we love him, some of us are disappointed that Santa does not have roll-over protection on his sleigh. That said, as parents of working children you can add something to your shopping list that will redeem Santa and offer a little extra this holiday season: the gift of good health and safety at work.

Hopefully your young working kid is provided with all the health and safety personal protection equipment (PPE) they need at their workplace. That said there are items you can get them that could make a real difference. Here are a few:

Eyewear Protection: This is a perfect example of an item that is generally widely available in workplaces, often left in a basket by the door to be used and reused. They can be purchased in bulk for about two dollars a pair. That said, those cheaper pairs may be very loose fitting, fall off easily, don’t account for dust and various particulates that may be airborne and can be scratched from repeated use. Eye protection like that seen in the above picture are sealed and protect eyes from what is floating in the air and are adjustable, allowing for a secure fit. And they only cost about ten dollars!

Safety Footwear: 
These are an item that are crucial to safe work experiences in so many workplaces. Other than construction sites and more stringently controlled warehouse and manufacturing operations, there are those workplaces that do not strictly enforce the use of PPE. We’ve all seen kids using power mowers wearing sneakers or other similar situations that put them in harm’s way. Sometimes young workers borrow work shoes or use ones that are available at their workplaces that may not fit them correctly which can create a slip, trip or fall hazard. Foot growth slows down dramatically in girls by age 14 and boys in the 16-18 range. Steel toed CSA approved safety footwear is a gift that goes on giving for years and will also come in handy at home whether behind the mower, helping on home reno projects or countless other uses. And brands very popular with youth like Timberland make work boots that are virtually identical to their fashion boots.

Insulated Water Bottle: Dehydration on the job is one of those workplace hazards that is a causal factor in so many tragic injuries. Dizziness causing falls from heights, entanglements and other scenarios triggered by dehydration. Stainless steel water bottle technology has come a long way both in terms of its ability to keep fluids hot or cold. Another inexpensive but meaningful gift that starts in the ten dollar range.

Whether as a stocking stuffer or a featured offering, giving the gift of safety and good health is in the true spirit of the holiday season.

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