When Multi-tasking is a Very, Very Bad Thing

It’s something that is very impressive about the newest generation of young people. Along with putting anyone over thirty to shame when it comes to understanding all things technological, today’s young adults are remarkably adept at seamlessly navigating through multiple complicated processes at the same time.

It truly puts them at an advantage in contexts where tasks require the use of several programs at the same time in order to complete a job. One example is in the creation of presentations where multiple graphics, computation and presentation programs are utilized. They have all these programs open at the simultaneously and jump back and forth effortlessly. We also see it when they’re on their computers and mobile devices.

Unfortunately what is a strength in one aspect of their lives becomes a weakness in another: their workplaces.

Modern equipment is designed to ensure the safety of those operating it, regardless of how sharp or powerful the tasks they are utilized to perform may be.

There is one condition: whoever operates the machinery must be trained in its use and commit their full attention to its operation.

Unfortunately, young workers have their multi-tasking habits so ingrained, they may not fully comprehend the importance of focusing solely on the task at hand. If this happens, the inherent hazards associated with the machinery which manufacturers work so hard to mitigate, can present themselves and cause serious harm. We read about distracted driving becoming a leading cause of car crashes more and more. This also applies to what many young workers face each day at their workplaces.

As a parent or other influencer of young workers, talk to them about their workplaces. Find out about the equipment with which they interact. Ask if they’ve had proper training. And remind them the importance of recognizing the need to focus fully at the task at hand and the benefits of coming home safe and sound after every shift.

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